E-mails and submissions

It would be very helpful to me if we could agree to a common protocol for e-mail exchanges.  Please do not respond to previous e-mails that I have sent to you, but always start a new e-mail.  My address is very easy to remember – jeffj2@pdx.edu

In the subject heading, please always begin with the course you are taking, e.g. PHL 320.  Also include whether it is an inquiry or comment (e.g. question about due dates).  If it is an assignment submission, please also indicate what the assignment is – e.g. Quiz 6.  Thus might look like this – PHL 320 Quiz Six submission.

All of this will allow me to create folders in my e-mail, and keep track of assignment submissions.  I make every effort to grade assignments as a group, since this better insures consistency in the grading.

Thanks for all of your help with this.